Image Ads introduced below Adsense Link Unit Pages

Google Adsense, in a way to improve the revenue for publishers has introduced an image ad at the bottom of the page that one would get after clicking on any Adsense link unit topic. As in the above image, an image ad will appear on each page that users see after clicking on any link […]

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Google PageRank Update May 2009: Techrena now has PR 2

It’s been rather quiet journey here for us since we started this blog 2 months ago, and here comes our first milestone (really??), a Google PageRank 2 !! something that we can cheer about. Yes, in the recent Google PageRank update which was underway in the last week of May 2009, Techrena Hompage was gifted […]

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Gmail Adds Automatic Message Translation Feature

Search Engine giant Google has just announced one more interesting feature (actually a Labs launch) which lets you instantly translate Gmail messages to language which you feel comfortable reading. The new Automatic Message Translation is currently between 41 languages.This feature as Google says is mainly to woo the multi-national companies that use Gmail as their […]

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How to Auto Refresh a Web Page in Firefox

Refreshing a web page in  Mozilla Firefox has always been easy in the manual way, just press F5 or CTR+R will do it for you.Let’s  say you are viewing your favourite team scores in a web page which doesn’t automatically refresh its content,then you may have to manually refresh the page so many times to […]

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