Intel Processor Identification Utility – Know Your Intel Processor

How much do you know about the Intel processor you are using in your computer? Well here I am suggesting a useful utility software from Intel itself which will help you find out the properties of your processor and its capabilities. Just download the software from the Intel website given below. Install it to your […]

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Adsense now allows you to change font size of ad units

Google Adsense in a recent program update, has announced the introduction of new option that lets users to change the size of the fonts in ad units, which was previously available only to premium Adsense publishers. The above picture which has been taken from Adsense Blog Post(Link) shows how this new option looks like.You can […]

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Microsoft’s Bing is Buzzing on Internet

Microsoft’s new search engine Bing (Yes, Live search is gone and Bing is here instead).Microsoft’s efforts to bring this ‘Bing’ []are paying off as of now.Reports are out already that suggest that Bing has overtaken Yahoo as the second preferred search engine in the U.S. Bing has been set as the default search engine on […]

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Google SEO Starter Guide now in 40 languages

Search Engine giant Google had released Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide way back in November 2008.It includes a list of best practices that are being used inside Google that many webmasters would want to know.Now Google made this SEO guide to be available in 40 languages. The languages include Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified & […]

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