Is Google Chrome OS Virus Free? A Review

It has been a very exciting news for all of us with the announcement of the Google’s first Desktop Operating System last week. This has been filling up good hopes for all of us as this OS is said to be free, I mean Open source. Moreover the Google Chrome team has claimed it as […]

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Google Now Lets You Recover Password Through SMS

Some times we go so mad that we even forget our account password :), no one is exception. Then we have to go through the difficult tasks of verifying our DOB, or secret security questions etc. Google thought about it, and has added a new option which allows users to recover their Google account password […]

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NVIDIA GeForce Windows 7 Drivers Download

The Windows Aero experience you expect in Windows 7 is definitely not going to work if you are not installing the right drivers for your NVIDIA GeForce Graphics present in your computer. For this purpose NVIDIA has released a driver for your GeForce. The released Driver is GeForce Driver Release 181 Beta released on March […]

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