Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 Is Out

Mozilla has announced the latest beta 1 version of upcoming Firefox 3.6.This version includes built-in support for various features like Personas, Plugin-Check, WOFF font format, enhanced JavaScript performance ,CSS, DOM and HTML5 web technologies support.The download file size is 7.7 MB.To download Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 check out the following link.

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How To Verify Blogger blog in Webmaster Tools

This is an outline of the process of verifying a Blogger blog in Google Webmaster tools using Meta tag verification method.As Blogger blog users can’t make use of the second method of verification i.e uploading a HTML file, using Meta tag is the only way of verifying the ownership of your blog. Image has been added to make it more easier for you.

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Configure Google Friend Connect For WordPress Blogs

Google Friend Connect now can be setup in WordPress blogs with Friend Connect Plugin developed by Mauro Gonzalez..Google Friend Connect was previously available only to Blogger blogs through a simple gadget , but it was rather difficult to configure it for WordPress blogs. With this new plugin, now it all takes a few click for you to use GFC for your blog straight away.

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Bing Brings Twitter Search

Twitter Search right from Bing! Bing has today announced that It has integrated Twitter search in the universal Bing search, which now lets you the latest real-time tweets for your favorite topic or from the ‘Hottest topics on Twitter’. Bing is also letting users know the ‘Shared links about Hottest Topics’ that the majority number […]

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WordPress 2.8.5 – Security Hardening Release is Out

WordPress 2.8.5 Security Hardening Release has been released.But many users were facing this problem :“Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2354671 bytes) in …”.Solution to this is simple.Techrena presents you, the simple code fixes that are needed to overcome this issue.

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YouTube Launches Real-Time Comments Search Similar to Twitter Search

YouTube has launched Real-Time Comment Search in TestTube.This new feature as it appears is highly inspired from Twitter search.This latest addition also includes “trending topics” which indicates the hottest topics of conversation on YouTube at that particular moment.

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Mozilla Plugin Check Lets Firefox users to Keep Plugins Up to Date

Mozilla Plugin Check Page has been launched.All Firefox users need to check their plugins for any issues. Plugin check notifies the user if they are out of date and need to be updated.Right now the Plugin-Check page can only be accessed through Firefox but in future Mozilla is willing to extend this to all browsers.

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Disable Ads in FeedDemon Reader In Easy Steps

FeedDemon comes as a free ad-supported software.The user has to purchase a serial to permanently remove those ads which are annoying at times.However with this workaround it’s much easier to get rid of those ads running in the FeedDemon.

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Gmail Emerges As No.1 Email Service in India

According to an online audience measurement and analytics organization ViziSense, Gmail has managed to get 18.2 million users in India to use its services at a growth rate of 2.82 % in September 2009 and 6.63 % in the previous month August 2009.

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