No Component Directory Based Third Party Add-Ons in Firefox 3.6

Firefox has decided to block or lockdown the Components directory for third party softwares to prevent the frequent crashing and other vulnerability issues.That means third party contributors can no add their add-ons to the components directory.

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Firefox 3.6 Beta Revision 4 Version Available For Download

Firefox 3.6 Beta revision 4 is now available for download.Upgrades include changes in third party software components to be installed in Firefox to prevent crashes, ability to run scripts asynchronously etc.Get your copy of it now.

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Using Webmaster Tools To Find Malicious Hacks In a Website

Sometimes when your websites gets hacked and you can’t figure it out the spam content may appear only in Google search.How to check this? The Answer is suing Fetch as Googlebot in Google Webmaster Tools !! Learn how to make most of Fetch as Googlebot in Webmaster Tools

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Gmail Tip : Send Email With Attachments While Offline

Now you can even send attachments while accessing Gmail offline.Just install gears and use offline gmail.This post presents the overview of this entire process.This is extremely useful when your network gets temporarily disconnected at the same time when you are attaching files to send mail.Gmail can capture these attachments to retrieve them later when you are online.

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BSNL Prepaid Broadband Launched In AP

BSNL announced the launch of Prepaid Broadband in Andhra Pradesh Telecom circle.The users can take advantage of various prepaid cards available to control their broadband bill.Cards range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 5000.Registration and Installation is free for 30 days from today.

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BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans

BSNL Launches Prepaid Broadband in India.A quick look at BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans: Even though unlimited plans seem to be priced somewhat higher, but they are really worth to try for a temporary connection.

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FMS Website And It’s Hacking Woes

Just check how the reputed B-School in Delhi Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) website was hacked.Thankfully no serious damage was done to that website.Check out weird search string in the search results snippet.

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Blogger Update: New and Improved ‘Next Blog’ Link

Now Clicking on the ‘Next Blog’ link present in the blogger NavBar will take you to a more similar blog written in the same languages as yours.This is small update in Blogger which would be rolled out completely in the following week.

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WordPress Tip: View All Your Blog Posts With Titles & Post URLs

A nice workaround to view all of your WordPress blog posts with Post URLs, post titles in ascending or descending order as a comma separated list.This is extremely useful whenever you want to make a refernce to an old blog post to include in a new post.

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WebPage In Search Result Even After Disallowing in Robots.txt ? Read This

You have blocked a webpage from crawling by disallowing it in the robots.txt file.But the URL still shows up in the search results and you don’t know why this is happening.Read this post to know why exactly this is happening and what you have to do.

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