Google Nexus One Coming This Jan 5 (2010)

Google’s Nexus Phone launch and Price information leaked to the internet.The event is going to be held on Jan 5, 2010.The price of the phone according to a leaked webpage of the Google are said to be around $530.Let’s wait till Jan 5 to find out more about Google Nexus One phone.

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My IP Neighbors- Find Other Domains Hosted On Same Server

Are you using a shared web host services? Wondered what other sites are located on the same server as your site? It doesn’t get any better ! My IP Neighbors will do it for you in a single click.

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Twitter, Facebook, MySpace Ribbons For Websites

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace Ribbons For Websites.Ribbons will attract to the users to see where it has linked to.So it’s always good to use a ribbon for a blog as your intended message would be spread even more stronger.

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Meebo bar- Drag and Drop Links From Any Webpage

Meebo bar has now been made available to all the publishers who want to use in their websites.Just register with Meebo Bar and enjoy its services.Meebo bar share buttons can be customized under dashboard.

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Year-End Google Zeitgeist India 2009

2009 Year-End Google Zeitgeist of India has many things to reveal.From ‘Budget 2009′ to’Windows 7’; ‘Katrina Kaif’ to Sachin Tendulkar; ‘Rahul Gandhi to ‘Maneka Gandhi’; ‘Love Aaj Kal’ to ‘Dostana’; ‘How to Kiss’ to ‘How to Download’–Who and what mattered to the Indians in the internet? Check out his

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I’m Feeling Lucky Now Shows Countdown to 2010

Google has already started new year 2010 Countdown via I’m feeling Lucky button.See the screenshot and you will get to know more about this new Google thing.

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Get Free Backupify Account To Backup Your Online Data

Baackupify, widely used premium online data backup service is now offering free accounts (signups) with unlimited storage till Jan 31, 2010.The service will go back to paid service after that.It offers online backup for various services like Twitter, Gmail etc..

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Google has launched 2 URL shortening services and can be accessed using Google toolbar or special service can be used to set your fav videos URLs to be shortened or can be used manually.

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IMEI SMS Verification For Indian Mobile Phones

If you are in India, from December 1, 2009 one can’t make calls from mobile handsets with invalid or no IMEI number.You need to validate or verify your mobile IMEI through SMS and get a new IMEI if your old one found faulty.

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