Saving YouTube Videos From Temp File To Your Hard Drive

Download or save a YouTube video directly from your windows internet temporary cache file to your hard disk without any software or tool.All you need to do is follow the procedure give here to get FLV file from a “tmp” file associated with that YouTube video.We just make use of HoboCopy to get the FLV file from the fla temp file.

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Samsung Jet 2 Mobile Phone Specification

The Samsung Jet 2 Smart Phone has been launched in India which was already launched in June 2009 in other countries like USA, Canada, UK, Europe. Full Specifications, features, review and price is given in detail here.

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Internet Comes Alive Following Sachin’s First ODI Double Century Stint

Sachin Tendulkar scores first ever One Day international cricket double century (200 not out) in the Gwalior 2nd one day match against South Africa, also the highest ODI score ever.Internet was virtually roaring lauding Sachin’s double century in this match.Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter , Orkut all have been flooded with updates about the master blaster.

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The Dalai Lama Officially Joins Twitter

The spiritual head of the Tibetan Buddhist community Dalai Lama has just started his own official twitter account @Dalailama.Just some days after @billgates joined Twitter, here is another big celebrity doing his part to reach his followers worldwide.Follow Dalai Lama twitter account at @Dalailama

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Twitter Is Hitting 50 Million Tweets Per Day !!

Twitter has today announced that the number of tweets generated per day from Twitter users has reached 50 Million tweets per day mark.The no of tweets chart shows the phenomenal increase of the Twitter site over the years 2007 to 2010.

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Play HTML5 Videos In Internet Explorer Using This Codec

Still using Internet Explorer? Want to play HTML5 videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other sites? Here’s a plugin Ogg Codec for you which does this for you.Though not very good, codec just gives a chance to watch average quality HTML5 videos in Internet Explorer which otherwise is not possible.

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YouTube Party Over For IE6 From March 13, 2010

The party is over for YouTube users on Internet Explorer 6 browser.YouTube has announced that it won’t be supporting older browsers starting from March 13 this year.Mozilla Firefox versions lesser than 3.0 also come under old browsers according to YouTube support page.

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Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Phone Features

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic phone comes with lot of features but at a lesser price than Nokia 5800.Nokia 5530 XpressMusic phone has 3.15 MP cam, up to 27 hours of music playback, touchscreen (very good UI).Nokia 5530 Xpress Music price in India is very affordable.The phone lacks 3G though.

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Restore Previous Versions of Files in Windows 7 Using System Restore

Restore Previous Versions feature in Windows 7 can retrieve, recover or undelete accidentally deleted files. Here we have given how to use System Restore in windows 7 to Restore Previous Versions of files.

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Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Wallpapers

Vancouver winter Olympics 2010 team has officially released free download-able desktop wallpapers for all the great sport fans over the world.The wallpapers are available in three different screen sizes.

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