Nokia 2730 Classic 3G: The Cheapest Nokia 3G Phone

Nokia has just re-launched their earlier Nokia 2730 classic model phone with 3G addition to it in India.Nokia has said that this would be their cheapest 3G model phone on Nokia brand.2730 classic has 2MP camera, 2GB memory card, support, music playback, 3G these great features add great value to the phone even though it is some what expensive than Nokia non-3G version.

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Google To Experiment Fiber Network For Providing High Speed Internet In US

Google is all set to offer 1Gbps fiber-to-home networks across USA.Google by this, will start the new role as an ISP.Fiber netwoking connections across US would first be given on a test basis to 50,000 to 500,000 people.So what will you do with an 1 Gbps connection?

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No Google Buzz Yet? Check How It Works Even Before It Comes To You

Google Buzz is not available to all users at this moment.But there’s a small hack that allows you to see the features of Google Buzz using Google Buzz layer for iPhone on your PC itself.The hack uses ‘Spoofing the User Agent’ method.Check out how it works..

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Google Buzz : Google’s One More Attempt @ Social Media

Google Buzz has just arrived.Check your Gmail if you have got it for your account.Google buzz is a social sharing tool that allows to you share, comment, post updates like you do in Twitter.Google Buzz mobile version is the one that will have more potential as this uses GPS of your phone to find ‘What people are saying in the area’.Yahoo had similar service called Yahoo Updates from last year.

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Is Your WordPress Internal Files Structure Coming In Google Search? Read On…

Sometimes your WordPress blog internal core files may be coming in Google search as index of folders.This happens because you have allowed “indexing of folder” in your site.To fix this using .htaccess file, you need to follow steps given in this article.

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Nokia X6 16 GB Phone Price Announced

Nokia X6 16GB version has great features, a touchscreen phone with 16GB internal memory, and lot of other advanced specifications.Nokia has just announced the price of this stunning mobile on it’s UK website.Review the Nokia X6 16GB model Price in UK, India and other countries

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See Hidden Folders In Windows 7 Via Folder Options

This guide takes you through the process of enabling hidden folders, hidden files to show up in your Windows 7 machine.This is pretty simple in case of Windows XP.But the start ups of Windows 7 may not find it at first sight and hence TECHRENA takes initiative to aware the Win 7 users.Check out this Windows 7 tip.

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Watch Super Bowl XLIV Online

Watch NFL Super Bowl XLIV (Super Bowl 44) 2010 Live Streaming Online on your computer.If you are not at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida and want to catch up with all the actions happening in Super Bowl XLIV, you can just turn-on your PC and visit these links for exclusive coverage.Catch the Superbowl 44 action.

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Nokia 5233 Launched In India

Nokia today released another touch screen Symbian series 60 music phone Nokia 5233 in India. Nokia 5233 is an affordable touchscreen mobile phone with only 2G and without Wi-Fi which are the only features different from Nokia 5230. Nokia 5233 has all the other features of 5230 like full touch screen, 3.2 inch display which […]

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Striker : First Bollywood Movie To Be Premiered Online

Watch Striker bollywood movie online on YouTube from feb 5, 2010: The bollywood movie Striker becomes the first ever Indian film to be premiered world wide online on YouTube.The movie is available on Studio 18’s official channel.Striker has Telugu star Siddarth in the lead role.

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