How to turn off UAC in Windows 7 and Vista

Are you getting annoyed of the permission dialogues like “Windows needs your permission to continue”? If yes, you can easily disable these messages in Windows 7 and Vista. This is a new security feature and can be controlled using the User Account Control(UAC) Settings. The dialogue boxes looks like the one shown below. You can […]

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Blogger ‘Blog Pages’ Allows You To Create Pages In Blogger

Blogger now allows you to create stand-alone ‘Static’ pages in blogs.This tutorial guides you how to create a static page in blog and align them using ‘Blog Pages’.Adding a page is just the same way adding a new post.

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Nokia 6303i classic released

The Nokia 6303i classic has just been released today. This updated “i” version has a few enhancements and improvements to its predecessor.The main focus of this model is on its battery life. Another main thing can be its low price also, only 105 Euros. The Nokia 6303i has  only a small update in the design […]

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WInRAR 3.80 Free Licence Key Giveaway

Download WinRAR full version with license key for free.WinRAR 3.80 legitimate free license key is available .Follow this tutorial to get your WinRAR free key.This is for WinRAR windows version.

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GreaseMonkey Gets Official Support For Google Chrome

Google Chrome now officially supports Greasemonkey user scripts and you need not require hacks anymore.Install Greasemonkey scripts normally as you do in Firefox and enjoy the browsing in your style.Greasemonkey now supports more than 40,000 user scripts that are available but at least 15 to 20 p.c of them may not work with Google chrome.

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Sony Ericsson Aspen (GreenHeart) Launched

Sony Ericsson officially announced the launch of Sony Ericsson Aspen adding it to GreenHeart portfolio.Aspen is the first SE Windows Mobile powered handset to include a ‘front facing’ QWERTY keyboard .See full specifications, and pictures of SE Aspen.

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How To Disable Orbit Downloader 404 Error Redirect Page

This tutorial shows how you can disable annoying orbit downloader 404 redirect error page in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Netscape,Opera, Maxthon) when browser navigation error occurs.

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Google Chrome Gains Market Share To Stand @ #3

Google Chrome has done a very decent job in the last one year or so to get itself a market share of 5.2% at the end of January, 2010 to claim no.3 position after IE & Firefox.It overtakes Safari and Opera in the process.

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Remove Google Analytics Tags In Your Blog Posts and Feedburner URL

We can manage feeds using feedburner in an excellent way. It has many features like integration with Adsense, analysis with google Analytics etc. But Google Analytics tags can create a little problem with a simple solution given here.

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