Install Windows XP Mode Without Hardware-Assisted Virtualization (HAV)

From now on, Windows XP Mode can be installed on Windows 7 PCs/Laptops that don’t even have native support for virtualization technology (HAV).Download update KB977206 to start using this Windows Virtual PC (or VM or XP Mode) in your PC.

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How To Disable Recent Items in Windows 7 Start Menu

If you want to Hide your recently opened items from your Start Menu in Windows 7, then you can follow easy steps given here. You can do this if you want to protect your privacy.

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How To Speed Up Your Windows PC Using MSCONFIG

Using msconfig you can speed up your startup time and increase your computer performance by stopping startup programs and services. This is applicable to Windows 7 , XP and Vista. This tutorial will definitely help you in achieving optimal performance and ultimate memory management.

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Disable Annoying “This Program Might Not Have Installed Correctly” Alerts

This tutorial will teach you how to disable “This Program Might Not Have Installed Correctly” notifications from your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer permanently when you install old versions of the softwares.The key here is to disable “PCA” service called PcaSVC.

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Complete Tutorial: How To Disable Windows Error Reporting In Windows 7 ?

This is a complete tutorial package on how to disable windows error reporting (WER) or problem reporting in Windows 7.It can be done via three methods.All the methods have been explained using screen shots, follow them carefully.This method may also work for Windows Vista.

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Amayeta SWF Encrypt 4.x Free License Key Giveaway

Download Amayeta SWF Encrypt 4.0 with free license registration serial key full version.This a limited giveaway promotional offer from Amayeta.

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Google-Certified Ad Networks Made Available For All Publishers

Google Adsense has extended the availability of Google certified third party ad networks for all adsense publishers.So this means that publishers will get a chance for getting high paying advertisers from the huge list of available ad networks.

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Zemana AntiLogger With 1 Year Full Version License Key Give Away

Zemana AntiLogger is giving away 1 year full licenced version for free download.Zemana antilogger proovides protection against keyloggers, malwares and protects your banking passeords, private chats etc.Download the free Zemana Antilogger software now.

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New Samsung S3370 Touchscreen Phone

The Samsung S3370 is a new entry-level touchscreen phone which will include 3G also. Samsung is going to launch this new affordable touchscreen phone soon. Here you will find the photos of the handset, known specs, features and price also.

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How To Create An ISO Image File of Your Own

You can Create your own ISO file with your own contents. Make the ISO image disc bootable or non bootable according to your choice using MagicISO. Here you can Download MagicISO for free.

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