Install Portable Antivirus on a USB Flash Drive or an iPod

We can use a portable anti virus program which can be installed in a USB Flash drive to scan our computer. This is an easy way to disinfect an infected computer using a USB disk or an iPod. Here we have given the complete tutorial on how to use a USB flash drive to scan a computer.

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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Download

Check out the details about latest Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 version and get the download links for both web installer and standalone version of the .NET Framework installer.Microsoft .NET Framework 4 was released along side Visual Studio 2010.

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How to Create a Password Reset USB Disk in Windows 7 And Vista

Backup your Windows user login password in a USB flash drive and use the disk for resetting your password in future. After bootup when Windows asks you for the login password, plug in your Password Reset Disk and reset the password. A detailed step by step tutorial is given here.

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Firefox 3.6.4 Beta Released

Download the latest updated Firefox 3.6.4 Beta version of firebox via direct download link.Firefox 3.6.4 beat is coming with our of process plugins and fixes some security issues.

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Speed Up Your PC Using a USB flash Drive in Windows 7 and Vista With ReadyBoost

Speed Up your Windows PC using a USB Flash Drive. ReadyBoost in Windows 7 and Vista speeds up the performance in your PC and solves the low memory problem is you have one. The details are given here.

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Speed Dial For Google Chrome [Extension]

The extension Speed Dial for Chrome lets you add the Speed Dial feature in Google Chrome.This extension offers a better new tab for Google Chrome replacing its default new tab page.

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Google’s New Launches: Google Follow Finder & Twitter Replay

Google has launched Google Follow Finder and Twitter Replay it features to enhance your Twitter experience.Use Follow Finder to find similar tweeple on twitter that you might want to follow and use replay feature to quickly browser through all the tweets about a topic on any given day.

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Nokia N86 Firmware Update V30.009 Available

Nokia N86 Firmware update version V30.009 is available for download via Nokia Software Updater (NSU) or soon be available via Over The Air update service.Download the latest firmware v30.009 now.

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Nokia E5 Cheapest 3G QWERTY Business Device : Specs, Pics & Price Details

Nokia E5 has been announced.Nokia E5 is a stylish, cheapest QWERTY business phone with 5 MP camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, in-built GPS and lots more.CHeck out Nokia E5 specs and price in India, UK.

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Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool KB890830

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool KB890830 updated version is now available as important update in all systems running windows (Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP/2000).Download this latest Windows update to help your computer fight against malware.

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