[How to] Install Google Android OS In Your PC

Try Google Android even without buying a T-Mobile G1/G2/G3 using LiveAndroid LiveCD disc image of the Google Android operating system. The download link and the instruction is given here.

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[Download] Microsoft Security Essentials V2 Beta

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Beta build 2.0.0375.0, free antivirus and antispyware software from Microsoft for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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[Download] Free “Operation guide for Microsoft Office 2010” Ebook From Microsoft

Download free “Operation guide for Microsoft Office 2010″ eBook from Microsoft to learn the basic knowledge about the Microsoft Office 2010.

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[How To] Type The Rupee Symbol Using Your Keyboard

The Symbol for Indian Rupee has been released officially. Now the most concern of the people in India is on how to type the new symbol using their keyboard in their Windows PC. Here we are giving you the easiest way known.

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[Tip] Get Free Gmail Email Alerts Via SMS

Get free Gmail mail alerts via text SMS messages to your phone with this simple trick. No workarounds or external services, or GPRS service required. All you need is a Hotmail account.

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[How To] Configure Windows 7 Action Centre Warning Messages

Configure action center warning messages in Windows 7. You can either completely turn off action center flag warning messages or configure them to show messages for only certain problems.

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[How To] Block A Website Using Content Advisor In Internet Explorer

Learn how to block or restrict a website in Microsoft Internet Explorer using Content Advisor feature. Block unwanted and malicious websites and also for the safety of your children.

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[Tip] Show Additional Windows Clocks

Learn how to display multiple taskbar windows clocks in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Additional taskbar clocks can be used to display current time of different cities.

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[How To] Disable Firefox Taskbar Tab Previews

Disable taskbar multiple tabs previews in Firefox 4 browser in Windows 7 using simple tweaks in Firefox configuration (about:config) settings.

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Add Images To Your Gmail Signatures

Add rich text HTML signatures and images to your signatures in Gmail. You can easily add links to your Facebook and Twitter profiles etc. using the new feature in Gmail.

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