[Tip] Enable Secure “HTTPS” In Facebook

Facebook now supports secure encryption standard HTTPS. Learn how to enable the HTTPS or SSL secure mode for your Facebook account.

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[How To] Disable System Beep Sounds In Windows 7

A comprehensive tutorial on how to turn off or disable the internal speaker system beep sounds in Windows 7 computer using device manager or control panel.

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[How To] Create a Shortcut To Clear Your Clipboard

If you want to know how to clear the data present in the computer clipboard after copying some important data, then you can do it by creating a simple shortcut. The details are given here.

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[Tip] Get Warned Before Closing Multiple Tabs In Google Chrome

Learn how to add confirm before closing multiple tabs warning message in Google Chrome to prevent loosing currently opened tabs on accidental clicks.

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Delay Services In Windows 7 To Speed Up The Boot Time

Delay the startup of a Windows service to boot Windows 7 and Windows Vista more faster. Delayed startup services will start only after the complete Windows boot.

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Search Gmail Labs Features As You Type

Gmail Labs features have now a Google Instant search like “search as you type” feature enabled for quick search to find the right Labs feature for you.

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[Download] Google Goggles 1.3 For Android

Download and install the Google Goggles 1.3 app for Android with barcode scanner improvements, print ad scan support and most notably the Sudoku puzzle solver! The last two features are now available on iPhone too.

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[Tip] Voice Search For Google Chrome

Install the Voice Search extension for Google chrome to search the web using your PC’s microphone. Voice search supports all major search engines including Google.

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Track Stolen Laptops With Quick Heal Free Laptop Tracker Service

Know how to track your stolen or lost laptop for free with the newly launched free laptop tracker service from the anti-virus software maker Quick Heal. You can also use TrackMyLaptop to check if the used notebook you are purchasing is a stolen one.

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Watch CES 2011 Live Online

Watch the CES 2011 show keynotes, press conferences, releases and other CES updates from live streaming online links (videos), live blogging updates (text and images), Twitter updates and mobile updates etc. Get to know A to Z of this year’s CES.

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