Top 10 Advanced Windows 7 Search Tips

Learn these advanced Windows 7 search tips to get the most appropriate results when you search in the Windows 7 search box.

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[Download] Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Download the first Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 10 from the direct download link. IE10 will feature native support for HTML5 and also supports advanced CSS3 standards.

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Slow Performing Add-ons In Firefox

A poorly written extension (add-on) can slowdown the start-up time and performance of Mozilla Firefox. Learn how to find the slow performing Firefox add-ons to improve the performance of Firefox.

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Save Web Forms And Refill Data Easily With Simple Form Filler User Script

Save time in filling the same web forms multiple times by saving and refilling the form automatically with a simple userscript installed on your browser.

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[Tip] Turn Off Auto-Saving Email Addresses To Contacts Feature In Gmail

Learn how to disable or turn off the annoying Auto-save contacts feature in Gmail with a few clicks. Auto-Save contacts automatically saves all the email addresses of the people when you send a message to them.

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[Tip] Use Google Talk Guru To Get Quick Answers In Chat

Google Talk Guru is a query-answering chatBot from Google that replies to your queries and allows you to get information related to sports, weather and search results instantly.

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