Airtel’s Free Speed Upgrade Dhamaka For Broadband Users

March 22nd, 2010 | 18 Comments | Posted in Internet by bharath

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Airtel, one of the India’s top broadband ISP has taken revolutionary step to provide a minimum internet browsing speeds of 512 Kbps to all the  broadband customers in India.

This could change the face of whole internet in India if other broadband service providers take this seriously and come up with similar steps to provide Hi Speed internet at affordable price.

In a press announcement released today by Airtel, the company announces that it will upgrade the speeds of all the existing customers to 512 Kbps by June 2010 notably at “no extra cost”.Also customers with 512 Kbps and 1 Mbps plans would get double speed upgrade to 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps respectively.

Bharti Airtel, one of Asia’s leading integrated telecom service providers, in an unprecedented move is upgrading speeds of all its existing customers (on 64, 128, 256 Kbps) to a minimum of 512 Kbps. Further, customers currently on 512 Kbps plans and 1mbps plans will have their speeds doubled to 1Mbps and 2Mbps respectively.

Airtel has also announced the launch of ‘Impatience Plans’ offering internet browsing speeds of 4 Mbps starting from as low as Rs. 899.

Airtel Impatience Plans Tariff  (4 Mbps):

Plan Name

Impatience 899

Impatience 1099

Impatience 1399

Impatience 1799


4 Mbps

4 Mbps

4 Mbps

4 Mbps

Rental (Rs.)





High Speed Download (in GB)





Option 1: Unlimited Data Transfer Plan

Post Hi Speed download continue browsing @ 256 Kbps

Option 2: Continuous High Speed Plan

Continue at 4 Mbps @ 10 paise/MB per additional MB (Post High Speed download)

Kudos to Airtel for this wonderful speed upgrade, we hope this could help in taking broadband in India to a next level.

If you don’t know yet, Airtel is also offering Unlimited mobile internet (GPRS) at Rs.98 apart from offering free unlimited national and local SMS.

Update: Well, we have yet another free broadband speed upgrade, this time from Hyderabad based Beam Telecom, read Beam Tele free speed upgrade report.

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18 Responses to “Airtel’s Free Speed Upgrade Dhamaka For Broadband Users”

  1. jaz Says:

    has anyone’s plan changed???

  2. Mohit Says:

    Mine not upgraded yet…, please someone tell when they gonna upgrade, im living in ghaziabad.

  3. bharath Says:

    @Jaz, @Mohit

    They have said that the process of upgrading would be completed by June 2010, but apparently not many users’ plans have been upgraded, just a month to go, don’t know how they are gonna achieve it in this short span of time..

  4. Anand Says:

    Yes mine have been upgraded..its been arnd 10 days..kudos to Airtel..!! 😀

  5. bharath Says:


    Good to hear it..where are you located?

  6. Vinay Says:

    yes they are upgraded from 512 to 256. But this is applicable up to 10GB, after 10 GB automatically the speed revert to 256 kbps…. be aware of this…

  7. bharath Says:


    Thanks for alerting us, we were not fully aware of that till you mentioned it here

  8. san Says:

    ya they upgraded to most of them in tamil nadu..but they have reduced the FUP for the speed upgrade it seems…i too was happy that i was upgraded to 512kbps but later after few days i was redirected to a webpage(track ur usage)…from then my speed was halved(256kbps)…this FUP i’m not sure wats the limit some say 5gb some say its 10gb..but when i tracked my usage i nearly crossed 12 gb later only my speed got reduced…some also say tat FUP includes both UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD…it would be nice if they lift that FUP:(

  9. bajaj Says:

    Will i have to talk to them to upgrade

  10. letsnurture Says:

    No Our Plan is not yet upgraded we are waiting for it.  I hope airtel will upgrade it here soon…

  11. abhinav dwivedi Says:

    hey… from bhopal MP my airtel broadband speed increased from 128 kbps to 512 kbps….from about 1 june  … no extra cost ….and unlimited downloading
    airtel upgraded my plan of existing 499 /month…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    enjoying high speed surfing ….downloading speed ….about 75 kbps… movie in 3 hours……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks ….airtel

  12. bajaj Says:

    Mine has not upgraded yet

  13. VeN0M Says:

    my speed is upgraded from 256 – 512kbps
    it was upgraded on 1st june
    i can now download 400mb in 1 hour.
    yippeeeee !!!!!!!!

  14. Vinay Says:

    I AM USING AIRTEL…..Dont trust AIRTEL. You can download only 5 GB in 512 kbps speed. after 5GB ur speed will be 256 kbps only.. AIRTEL No.1 Cheating Fellow… DONT TRUST… TRUST ONLY BSNL…

  15. jkr Says:

    Nowadays Airtel is not trustworthy. The free upgrade was done with hidden agenda. The fair usage policy has been changed. Earlier it wias 75gb with 256k speed. Now they have reduced it to 8GB only and after that it goes back to previous speed ie, 512 will go back to 256 1mbs will go back to 512. The new upgrage and fair usage policy is applicable on a monthly usage basis. Nowadays the upgrade options are not working at all. Above all it is difficult to get any info from Airtel people. They cannot even reset a password for online access and nobody knows what happens with their program. Take a wise decision before you join Airtel.

  16. youtindia Says:

    yes it is true it is working from three months i took a plan of around 650 for speed 128kbps (kiobytes/second) which can give maximum download speed of 16kbps (kilobytes/second) but now i am getting download speed of around 75kbps (kilpbytes/second) means it has increased upto 4-5 times and now i enjoy that speed @ rs 650 haha!!!!!!!

  17. GOR Says:

    I didn’t try what m looking for yet

  18. GOR Says:


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