How to Auto Refresh a Web Page in Firefox

May 12th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Internet by bharath

Refreshing a web page in  Mozilla Firefox has always been easy in the manual way, just press F5 or CTR+R will do it for you.Let’s  say you are viewing your favourite team scores in a web page which doesn’t automatically refresh its content,then you may have to manually refresh the page so many times to be updated with the score. But what if you want your browser to do automatically for you?

This wonderful Add-on “ReloadEvery for Firefox does this for you.Just go to this add-on page and add the add-on to your Firefox[Just Click on Add to Firefox button] and restart Firefox.

ReloadEvery Firefox Add-on reloadevery from context menu in firefox

Now you can find a new function Reload Every being added to the options (a special context menu Reload Every) that you see when you right-click on the page.The same function can also be accessed from the main menu (see the second image).Through this fucntion web pages can be automatically refreshed every so many seconds or minutes.

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