Beam Telecom Broadband Speed Upgrade: A Report

March 22nd, 2010 | 3 Comments | Posted in Internet by dennis

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Reports are coming in from the Beam Telecom Broadband users in Hyderabad that their Broadband Speed has been upgraded with no extra cost. Users report that they are getting higher speed from last 10 days. This up gradation of speed  came into light when one of the customers who wanted a new connection when contacted the Beam Cable agent, offered him with up to 768 kbps speed for Rs 600 (INR) per month whose official speed is 256 kbps.

Though the speed upgrade is not officially confirmed, the increase in speed is almost confirmed with all the users of Beam Cable Broadband known to us.

The speed upgrade is to be as follows:

Per Month Charge Rs (INR) Official Speed Upgraded Speed* (Unofficial)
600 256kbps 768kbps
850 512kbps 1Mbps
1000 1Mbps 2Mbps

*this is a report from the users which is not officially confirmed

The above given packages speed are confirmed by the users, other packages speed could not be confirmed currently.

A User Survey by Techrena dot Net Reports:

Rs 600 Package user getting 75-85KB/s Download Speed

Rs 850 Package user getting 100-110KB/s Download Speed and so on

Well as other competitive ISPs like Airtel Broadband is also upgrading their speeds for free, Beam Telecom is also expected to do so. Another hi-speed Wireless Broadband Network is Tikona WI-BRO.

The official packages taken from the Beam Official Site is given below:

Details Monthly Half-Yearly Annual Packages
Packages Speed up to Subscription Subscription Savings Subscription Savings Free Vouchers
B-Max400 128kbps 400.00 2300.00 100.00 4500.00 300.00 4500.00
B-Max600 256kbps 600.00 3300.00 300.00 6000.00 1200.00 6000.00
B-Max850 512kbps 850.00 4675.00 425.00 8500.00 1700.00 8500.00
B-Max1000 768kbps 1000.00 5500.00 500.00 10000.00 2000.00 10000.00
B-Max1500 1Mbps 1500.00 8250.00 750.00 15000.00 3000.00 15000.00
B-Max2500 2Mbps 2500.00 13750.00 1250.00 25000.00 5000.00 15000.00
B-Max5000 4Mbps 5000.00 27500.00 2500.00 50000.00 10000.00 15000.00

As we can see that till date(22-03-2010) the package speeds are not yet updated. We are expecting an official announcement from the ISP soon.

If you want a new Beam Broadband connection you can call: 040 66 27 27 27 or visit:

Update @ 23/03/10 : It’s now official.We have heard the announcement from Beam Tele management about the free speed upgrade through SMS, where they claim that Beam Telecom is the fastest broadband in India !!

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3 Responses to “Beam Telecom Broadband Speed Upgrade: A Report”

  1. Koteswara Rao K Says:

    worest speed
    i paid money for 256kbps plan * 6months but they are providing 128kbps/ Low only from last one month. i cal them on saturday and they said \Connection speed will be up by Monday\ but the Download speed is same (9 – 15 Kb/S). so don’t trust beamtelecom.
    Koteswara Rao K
    Old Bowenpally

  2. samanth Says:

    i heard they are going to increase the speed once again from could u please confirm for us

  3. abdul rahman Says:

        some body using my loging id,
    i want to change my login password how to change it plz reply me as soon as possible  

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