New In Buzz: Inbox Notifications Control & Easy-To-Find “Mute” Link

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Ever since Google has launched Buzz sometime ago in last month, many voices have been raised over the privacy concerns for which at one stage Google had no other option but to reply.

Now after just surpassing the first month of the Google Buzz, Google has once again modified a feature to give users more control about Buzz posts coming in your Gmail inbox.

1.Until now, Google used to send all your buzz posts (in which you participate) directly to your inbox for better and faster accessibility.But now you have been offered the options in your buzz settings to choose which buzz posts should reach your inbox.

Visit your Buzz settings tab in your Gmail settings page,

Find “Send buzz posts to my inbox when:”

  • People comment on my posts
  • People comment on posts after I comment on them
  • People comment to posts after I am @replied on them

Select the proper option according as you wish (see the below screen shot)


2. You’ll be notified why a particular buzz post has been sent to your inbox and also “Mute” link that you can easily find in the message.

On the top of your each post in inbox, you will see a message explaining why a particular posts ahs been there in your inbox, it’s more like a Facebook / Orkut feature, telling Mr. X has commented on your post , or you have been @replied, etc.

You can also find the “Mute from inbox” link just to left side of the explanation message that stops subsequent comments taking the conversation back again to  your inbox.


Google says that it’s the first of the series as part of the noise reduction @ Buzz

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