[How To] Create And Enable Mobile Version Of A Blogger Blog

A tutorial on how to setup and active a mobile friendly version of your Blogger blogspot blog directly without any hacks or tweaks.

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[How To] Stop or Disable Hotlinking and Bandhwidth Theft using .htaccess file

Many copyrighted images of our blogs are hotlinked to other blogs which is a serious issue which leads to bandwidth theft or leeching. We suggest that every blogger should disable hot linking and stop hotlinking to your blogs and from others as well. Here a complete tutorial on how to disable hotlinking using .htaccess is given.

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Swapping Blogger blog title and post title -Blogger SEO tweak

In the previous post about Blogger title tweak, I’ve mentioned about the other way of optimizing blog title structure,swapping blog title name with post title name. As said earlier,default blogger.com blogs title structure is “Blog Title followed by post title” for individual posts,now let’s see how to change this structure to “Post title followed by […]

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Blogger blog title tweak for better SEO

Blogger.com is most widely used free blogging platform on the internet.Easy to use interface,ability to  publish post at one click does make it a highly recommended platform for newbie bloggers. Having said that,one must also say that Blogger  blogs are not so optimized for Search Engines.Take for instance the title structure of the individual posts […]

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