Activate 2-Step Verification Process For Your Google Account To Make It More Secure

A complete tutorial on how to enable and set up Google’s two-step verification for your account (for Gmail and other Google services) to make it more secure.

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[How To] Schedule Emails in Gmail with Boomerang

Boomerang for Gmail allows you to send and receive emails at a prior scheduled time in Gmail. It is an add-on/plugin for Firefox and Chrome which can be installed for free. The complete tutorial is given in here.

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[How To] Delete Cookies In Google Chrome

A simple guide on how to delete individual cookies or the entire cookies in the Google chrome browser.

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[Tip] Know The File Size Before You Download It In Firefox

Get the size of the file before beginning the download in Mozilla Firefox browser using the “Show File Size” add-on / extension.

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[Tip] Edit The Firefox Maximum And Minimum Zoom Levels

A tutorial on how to edit the maximum and minimum zoom levels in Mozilla Firefox from default values of 300p.c and 30p.c.

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[How To] Create a Shortcut To Clear Your Clipboard

If you want to know how to clear the data present in the computer clipboard after copying some important data, then you can do it by creating a simple shortcut. The details are given here.

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[Tip] Get Warned Before Closing Multiple Tabs In Google Chrome

Learn how to add confirm before closing multiple tabs warning message in Google Chrome to prevent loosing currently opened tabs on accidental clicks.

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CTRL + Tab Tabs Preview Feature In Firefox

A concise tutorial on how to quickly enable the Ctrl + Tab tabs preview in Mozilla Firefox browser (3.6 or later versions) to quickly switch between the opened tabs by previewing them.

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[How To] Add RSS Feed Autodiscovery To Your Site

How to enable the RSS autodiscovery to your website or blog header. Browsers will detect your site’s feed and display RSS feed icon with subscription options if you enable RSS feed autodiscovery.

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[Tip] Sort A List Alphabetically In MS Office Word 2007 & 2010

A complete guide on how to sort a list of text alphabetically in Microsoft Office Word 2010 and MS Word 2007.

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