Turn Off New Geolocation Feature In Google Chrome

Google Chrome 5.0.375.23 Beta is coming up with geolocation, similar to the one in Firefox.Read the tutorial on how to turn off /disable Geolocation feature in Google Chrome.

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Find Techrena.net On Facebook, Twitter & Google Buzz

Follow the fastest growing technology blog in India, Techrena.net on Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Google Buzz, or through many other connecting platforms.

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Transliterate Any Web Page With Google Script Converter

Google India has launched Google Script Converter to transliterate web page or any text into a script in any of the 17 supported languages in Google Script converter labs feature.

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[How To] Save And Manage Google Chrome Sessions

By default Google Chrome doesn’t offer you to save and manage browsing sessions automatically.Checkout these tips on how to save and access browsing sessions in Google Chrome.

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[How To] Undo Clicking Never Save Password For This Site In Google Chrome

Learn how to undo once you have clicked never save passwords for this site in Google Chrome.If you have clicked “Never for this site” for a login page and want to rollback and change this settings for that login page or site, follow this guide

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SEA-ME-WE 4 Undersea Cable System Outage – Slower Internet Speeds In India

The SEA-ME-WE 4 undersea cable disruption has affected the broadband internet connectivity in India.The internet users in India are expected to get slow internet speeds for the next four days.

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[How To] Start Video Chat Inside Gmail

Learn how to start a voice and video chat right inside Gmail without installing Google Talk desktop version.You need to install a small Gmail voice and video chat plugin.

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Microsoft & Facebook Launch Document Sharing Service Docs.com

Microsoft has launched Doc.com powered by Office Web Apps and Facebook Connect.Docs.com lets you create Office documents online and share with your Facebook friends and also lets you to add your friends as collaborators and work together at the same time just by using a browser.

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Access Firefox Bookmarks Easily via Bookmark Keywords

Learn how to add and use bookmark keywords in Mozilla Firefox.You can simply assign a shortcut keyword for any bookmark and access it by typing that keyword in the address bar.

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Pinging Your WordPress Blog To Google Blog Search

You can make Google to learn about your blog’s updates by pinging Google Blog Search ping service.Learn the manual and automatic ways of pining Wordpress blog to Google so as to get indexed faster in Google.

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