Google Webmaster Tools Now Shows Clickthrough Data

New Top Search Queries tool in Google Webmaster Tools provieds much needed insightful data about impressions and clickthorugh rates that a page has generated in search results for a given query for different positions in the search results.

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Drag And Drop Attachments Onto Message In Gmail

New drag and drop feature has been launched in Gmail while composing email.You can just drag the files that you want to attach and drop it onto the browser window where you are currently composing a message in Gmail.The files will be automatically gets attached to your email message.

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Speed Dial For Google Chrome [Extension]

The extension Speed Dial for Chrome lets you add the Speed Dial feature in Google Chrome.This extension offers a better new tab for Google Chrome replacing its default new tab page.

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Google’s New Launches: Google Follow Finder & Twitter Replay

Google has launched Google Follow Finder and Twitter Replay it features to enhance your Twitter experience.Use Follow Finder to find similar tweeple on twitter that you might want to follow and use replay feature to quickly browser through all the tweets about a topic on any given day.

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[Spotted] Google Testing New Colorful version

Here is a sneak peak of Google’s brand new colorful version which will very soon go live for all users worldwide.I have spotted this new version in Google Chrome.

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Google Buzz Official Share Buttons Released

Google has officially released the Google Buzz share buttons for websites.These buttons allow us to share any content in Google Buzz with a single click.

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Firefox Lorentz: Google Chrome Like Plugin Crash Handling

Now you can Firefox handles plugins crashes in a better way.New Firefox Lorentz runs plugins in separate processes so that a single plugin crash wouldn’t result in the entire browser crash much like in Google Chrome

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UniverCell Hyderabad IndiBlogger Meet 2010 – A Beautiful Experience

We had a nice experience in the Hyderabad IndiBlogger Meet 2010. I thank the IndiBlogger team and UniverCell for bringing up the event. Here I am writing about my experience in the Meet.

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YouTube TEXTp : Google April Fools Day 2010 Pranks

Youtube TEXTp mode, this is one of Google’s April Fools day pranks/hoaxes /joke for this year 2010.Check out TEXTp mode, as YouTube claims by using this text-only mode you can save YouTube $1 a second in terms of bandwidth.

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Google India Launches New Shopping Tool In Google Search

Now find and compare prices of your favorite gadgets online using Google India’s Shopping Tool.You can get the find prices of the gadget from different online shopping sites in India.

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