RSS Subscription Extension For Google Chrome

Want to easily subscribe to RSS Feeds of any website using Google Chrome? Google Chrome, by default doesn’t give offer this feature but installing this “RSS Subsciption” extension does the same with ease.

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Google Crawling, Canonicalization and Indexing Explained

Here we have explained the main difference between Indexing and Crawling and the uses of sitemaps and pings. We have also given a brief idea on which blog posts are indexed faster and what is Google Canonicalization process.

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File Transfer Feature Launched In Orkut and iGoogle Chat; To Be Available In Gmail Soon

Learn how you can send (or share) files while chatting with your friends in Orkut and iGoogle similar to Google talk file transfer.Expect this file transfer feature to be in Gmail chat soon.

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Watch The Large Hadron Collider Experiment Live Webcast (March 30, 2010)

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) proton collision Big Bang experiment is about to begin on March 30, 2010.Watch the live footage from the experiment online on internet via Webcast from CERN.

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How To Disable Multiple Tab Previews of Browsers in Windows 7 Taskbar

Tab preview in Windows 7 may be annoying for some web browsers. If you want to disable this feature then full tutorial of how to disable multiple tab previews Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 in the taskbar is given here.

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[How-To] Find Suspicious Activity In Your Gmail Account

Now you can easily detect suspicious activity in your Gmail account easily.Last account activity in Gmail will show you the IP address, browser used and the country from where your account has been last accessed.Google now alerts Gmail users over suspicious activity by using the account access details.

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Wish Us: Turns 1 !! has successfully completed first year of it’s operations.We have been constantly growing our reader base with time-bounded targets and other traffic targets with an only aim to reach as many people as we can simply to make life easier for them.Wish us a very happy first anniversary.

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[How-To] Exporting Your RSS Reader[Google Reader & Other] Feed Subscriptions As OPML File

Learn how to import or export your RSS feed subscriptions as OPML file from Google Reader or FeedDemon or using any other RSS Feed aggregators.

[ More ] March 23rd, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Internet | Is Over, Redirects To (Hong Kong)

Google has now officially decided to redirect it’s users to its Hong Kong site offering uncensored results.Not just that as Google predicted blockage to its services from Chinese govt., it has created a app service dashboard to keep its Chinese users notified.

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Beam Telecom Broadband Speed Upgrade: A Report

There are reports of Beam Broadband Upgrading the speed in Hyderabad. Beam Telecom is a leading Internet Service Provider in Hyderabad, India. The users of the ISP has reported double times increase their normal speed.

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