Airtel’s Free Speed Upgrade Dhamaka For Broadband Users

Airtel Broadband users in India will be upgraded to a minimum speed of 512 Kbps at ‘no extra cost’.Apart from this free upgrade, Airtel will also double the speeds of 512 Kbps and 1 Mbps plans.Also Airtel has announced Impatience Plans.Check out the tariff.

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[Video] How Google Search Works ?

When you do a Google web search, you are not actually searching the entire web, you are only searching Google’s index of the web as much as Google could find over the internet and may not include all the web pages on the internet.Here is a great video from Matt Cutts of Google explaining the stuff behind Google.

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Tikona WI-BRO Broadband Plans And Tariffs

Tikona Wi-Bro is offering wireless broadband in India.Check out Tikona broadband tariff plans of the service.Tikona is offering unlimited plans as well as limited usage circuit breaker plans at an affordable price.Check out our review of Tikona wireless broadband.

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Amayeta SWF Encrypt 4.x Free License Key Giveaway

Download Amayeta SWF Encrypt 4.0 with free license registration serial key full version.This a limited giveaway promotional offer from Amayeta.

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Google-Certified Ad Networks Made Available For All Publishers

Google Adsense has extended the availability of Google certified third party ad networks for all adsense publishers.So this means that publishers will get a chance for getting high paying advertisers from the huge list of available ad networks.

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Download YouTube Videos Using YouTube Bookmarklet

There are plenty of tools already available for downloading videos for YouTube or any flash based video sharing sites.This tutorial guides you using simple YouTube bookmark to download videos.

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New In Buzz: Inbox Notifications Control & Easy-To-Find “Mute” Link

Google has added few more features that can control users buzz inbox settings and other privacy settings.Users will be now notified why a particular buzz post has been sent to inbox with an easily find-able “Mute” link

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How To Auto Refresh A Web Page In Google Chrome ?

It is very easier to implement Auto Refresh for a web page using ChromeReload extension in Google Chrome similar to ReloadEvrery add-on for Firefox.The auto refresh time interval can be setup manually.

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How To Remove Google Bookmarks

A very brief tutorial on how to remove Google star bookmark results coming in your Google search results.Also find how to export all your current Google Bookmarks to your PC.

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YouTube Fails To Live Telecast IPL Online

There was a little reason to celebrate for internet users and IPL fans when the YouTube Online live telecast failed for the IPL match on the first day. Instead of the match it showed a blue screen telling they may be experiencing technical some difficulties.

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