Google Buzz Desktop Apps

This tutorial shows you different ways of creating desktop applications for Google Buzz.These apps allow you to use Buzz accounts with your dedicated account for Buzz even if you are logged in using other account from the browser.

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Google Responds Again Over Google Buzz Privacy Concerns

In a very instances that you would ever going to see, Google has apologized to the users who had raised concerns over their privacy in Google Buzz.This made Google to change some settings in Google Buzz.

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Hide Or Completely Disable Google Buzz In Your Gmail

Google has announced an update to Google Buzz that lets you completely disable or turn off Google Buzz from your Gmail account.You can also Hide Google Buzz from showing up in your Gmail.Follow these steps to do the same

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New Comodo Dragon Internet Browser Based On Chromium

Download Comodo Dragon version free internet browser.Comodo browser offers fast browsing with unmatched security.Comdo dragon is based on Chromuim project technology which is the core technology of Google Chrome browser.

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How To Show ‘Post Excerpts’ Only On Archive Pages In WordPress

By default some Wordpress themes won’t show post excerpt on archive pages (tag archives, category archives, author archives), instead they show full length posts.This tutorial shows you how to enable post excerpt on archive pages in WordPress blogs.

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Opera 10.50 Beta Available For Download

Opera has released Opera 10.50 Beta version for Windows.The new version of the browser is the fastest among all the Opera browser releases till now.Download Opera 10.50 beta from the direct links given in the post.Opera has included Private browsing, Search from address bar, Windows 7 integration etc., Read about more features and take a look at the screen shots of Opera 10.50 beta.

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Extension Focus: Google Buzz Updates in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Buzz extension places a small buzz icon when you install it in your chrome that notifies you about your Google Buzz updates right from the icon, without needing to open new window to check your buzz updates.

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Google Chrome Mac Version Gets Extensions, Bookmark Synchronization

Google Chrome for Mac Beta has been released.Google chrome mac beta now supports extensions, Bookmarks synchronization and more.Mac users just need to download latest Google chrome for mac version 5.0.307.

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Google To Experiment Fiber Network For Providing High Speed Internet In US

Google is all set to offer 1Gbps fiber-to-home networks across USA.Google by this, will start the new role as an ISP.Fiber netwoking connections across US would first be given on a test basis to 50,000 to 500,000 people.So what will you do with an 1 Gbps connection?

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No Google Buzz Yet? Check How It Works Even Before It Comes To You

Google Buzz is not available to all users at this moment.But there’s a small hack that allows you to see the features of Google Buzz using Google Buzz layer for iPhone on your PC itself.The hack uses ‘Spoofing the User Agent’ method.Check out how it works..

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