Funny: Microsoft Admits MSNbot is Slow !!

We all know that Bing, the search engine from Microsoft indexes web pages at a slower rate than most of the other search engines (G and Y !! for instance). But it’s interesting to note that even Microsoft admits the truth about their MSNbot 2.0 which they introduced in November 2009. Brett Yount, Program Manager […]

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“Near me now” On Google Mobile Homepage

Google launched a new feature called “Near me now” that lets you find the details like near by businesses around your place using your phone GPS system.This feature is currently available in US for high-end iPhone and Android based phones.

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Now You Can Chat On Google Translator Toolkit

Google has today released chat in Translator Toolkit making it easier to collaborate on translations.All the features and settings of chat are the same as what you are using inside Gmail.

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Google India Search Quality Team Wants To Review Your Website !!

Google Site Clinic: get a chance for your website to get assessed by top Google search Pros .The campaign kicks off from Jan 6, 2010 and will run till Jan 20, 2010.The webmaster will be provided with suggestions to improve their website visibility in the Google search rankings.

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Download WordPress 2.9.1 Release

WordPress 2.9.1 gets out of Beta and now available for public download.WordPress 2.9.1 addresses minor issues related to scheduled posts and pingbacks.Download the latest version of WordPress 2.9.1 or upgrade automatically.

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Google Doodle For Newton B’Day

Google is celebrating the 366th birthday of Sir Isaac Newton the great with an animated Doodle which you might have never seen on Google page.An animated Google Doodle shows an apple falling down from the apple tree as you open the Google home page.

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Google Nexus One Preview Video

Google’s Nexus One has been constantly hitting the news thanks to leaked pictures.Now it’s the videos turn.This Nexus One Preview video featured on Dailymotion shows someone exploring the phone and its features.

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Google PageRank Update

Google PageRank Update Dec 2009 / Jan PageRank has however been updated to PR 2, (We lost our PR 2 in the last PR update), so we got back to PageRank 2 which we maintained most time of the year 2009.

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Google Nexus One Coming This Jan 5 (2010)

Google’s Nexus Phone launch and Price information leaked to the internet.The event is going to be held on Jan 5, 2010.The price of the phone according to a leaked webpage of the Google are said to be around $530.Let’s wait till Jan 5 to find out more about Google Nexus One phone.

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My IP Neighbors- Find Other Domains Hosted On Same Server

Are you using a shared web host services? Wondered what other sites are located on the same server as your site? It doesn’t get any better ! My IP Neighbors will do it for you in a single click.

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