Gmail Emerges As No.1 Email Service in India

According to an online audience measurement and analytics organization ViziSense, Gmail has managed to get 18.2 million users in India to use its services at a growth rate of 2.82 % in September 2009 and 6.63 % in the previous month August 2009.

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Yahoo’s Twitter Clone ‘Meme’ Now In English

Yahoo which made it’s official entry into ‘Microblogging’ platform a while ago by launching Yahoo Meme in Portuguese. Now Yahoo has targeted the English users worldwide by launching English version of ‘Yahoo Meme’. The following are the excerpts from Meme’s ABOUT page. What is Meme? “Meme is where you share everything you find that’s interesting”. […]

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TIME’s 50 Best Websites 2009: Flickr at top, Twitter overtakes Google

TIME 50 Best Websites of 2009: Flickr tops, Google @ 11 TIME magazine has released the 50 websites most liked by the netizens. It’s the photo sharing community site Flickr which sits @ 1, and the most recent innovative websites Twitter and  Wolfram|Alpha also enjoy positions 6 and 13, while Search Engine giant Google stays […]

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Gmail’s New Option ‘Email a Task List’

Gmail has recently added a new option to the Tasks inside Gmail that lets you email your tasks to your friends 🙂 This option is available inside the ‘Actions’ menu of  ‘Tasks’.(Check out the screen shot below) If you click on it, new window will be opened (Mail composing mode) with your tasks being included […]

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Google Now Lets You Recover Password Through SMS

Some times we go so mad that we even forget our account password :), no one is exception. Then we have to go through the difficult tasks of verifying our DOB, or secret security questions etc. Google thought about it, and has added a new option which allows users to recover their Google account password […]

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Adsense now allows you to change font size of ad units

Google Adsense in a recent program update, has announced the introduction of new option that lets users to change the size of the fonts in ad units, which was previously available only to premium Adsense publishers. The above picture which has been taken from Adsense Blog Post(Link) shows how this new option looks like.You can […]

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Microsoft’s Bing is Buzzing on Internet

Microsoft’s new search engine Bing (Yes, Live search is gone and Bing is here instead).Microsoft’s efforts to bring this ‘Bing’ []are paying off as of now.Reports are out already that suggest that Bing has overtaken Yahoo as the second preferred search engine in the U.S. Bing has been set as the default search engine on […]

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Google SEO Starter Guide now in 40 languages

Search Engine giant Google had released Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide way back in November 2008.It includes a list of best practices that are being used inside Google that many webmasters would want to know.Now Google made this SEO guide to be available in 40 languages. The languages include Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified & […]

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Image Ads introduced below Adsense Link Unit Pages

Google Adsense, in a way to improve the revenue for publishers has introduced an image ad at the bottom of the page that one would get after clicking on any Adsense link unit topic. As in the above image, an image ad will appear on each page that users see after clicking on any link […]

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Google PageRank Update May 2009: Techrena now has PR 2

It’s been rather quiet journey here for us since we started this blog 2 months ago, and here comes our first milestone (really??), a Google PageRank 2 !! something that we can cheer about. Yes, in the recent Google PageRank update which was underway in the last week of May 2009, Techrena Hompage was gifted […]

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