Enable Reading Levels In Google Search

A guide on how to enable or turn on the new reading level filters in Google advanced search. There are three reading levels: Basic, intermediate and advanced.

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The US National Broadband Map

Search for the best broadband internet providers in your area with the United States National Broadband Map released by the FCC. A pretty useful search engine which shows the broadband connectivity of US in a map.

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[Tip] Import Delicious Bookmarks To Google Bookmarks

A quick tip on how to import all of your Delicious bookmarks into Google Bookmarks with few clicks using Google’s Delicious import tool.

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[Tip] Disable The New Photo Viewer In Facebook

Annoyed with the new Photo Viewer (Photo Theater) in Facebook? Want to disable it and get back to the good old Photo Viewer? Read this guide to know the trick.

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[Tip] Hide Your Facebook Updates From Specific People

A complete tutorial on how to hide your Facebook status updates from specific people or friends and make it visible to only certain friends.

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[Download] Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

Download the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (IE9 RC build) for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. IE9 RC is more stable and supports ‘do not track’ and other features.

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[Download] Adobe Flash Player 10.2 With Hardware Acceleration

Download Adobe Flash Player 10.2 with new Stage Video hardware acceleration, full-screen mode support with multiple monitors and more feature enhancements. The new version would enhance the video watching experience on YouTube and other sites by reducing the CPU resource hog.

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[Tip] Link Google Analytics Profile To Webmaster Tools

Link your site’s Google Analytics profile to Google Webmaster Tools account with these steps. Both these must be on the same Google account.

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Set Up Hotmail Email Aliases

A complete guide on how to setup a Hotmail email alias for your account to secure your primary email address from spam. All messages to the aliases would still be in your inbox.

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Solve YouTube Rebuffer Problem When You Switch To Full Screen Mode

A complete guide on how to solve the YouTube auto rebuffer problem due to switching to high resolution (360p to 480p) when you switch to full screen mode while playing the video. This is caused by a new Auto-HD feature introduced in YouTube lately.

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