[Tip] Download Your Entire Facebook Data

A complete tutorial on how to download information from your Facebook account or data like photos, status updates, wall posts,messages etc. to your computer easily.

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[Tip] Enable High Quality Video Chat In Gmail

A guide on how to enable high resolution video for video chat in Gmail quickly. This is a labs feature, test it before it gets available to all the users.

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[Tip] Open Google Page Automatcially With Every New Tab In Firefox

Set Mozilla Firefox to Open a default URL like Google.com whenever you open a new tab. You can also set Home page to open with new tabs. Read this post to learn how!

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Google’s Spam Report Extension For Chrome

Google Webspam Report extension for Google Chrome by Google lets you report the spam results in Google search results page, directly from the search result page.

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[How To] Getting Started With New Version Of Facebook Groups

This is a complete guide on how to create, join and manage new version of Facebook groups. Learn how to edit group settings, how to share content and how to start a group chat etc.

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[Tip] Using Goo.gl URL Shortener Without Google Toolbar

Google URL Shortener goo.gl is now available for public use through the website without using Google toolbar. Learn more about the features and how to use the Goo.gl URL shortening service.

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[Tip] Locking Google SafeSearch For Better Parental Control

Learn how to lock Google SafeSearch (enable or disable) feature for specific browser on your computer. You can apply this trick to prevent your children from browsing unwanted sites.

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[Tip] Disable Threaded View In Gmail

Gmail now lets you disable the threaded conversation view. Learn how to disable conversation threading in your Gmail account.

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WordPress.com To Be The New Blogging Platform For Windows Live Users

Staring today, WordPress.com will be the default blogging platform for all the Windows Live users. Windows Live Spaces will no longer serve new users, all the existing users will be migrated to WordPress.com.

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[Alert] Orkut Affected By ‘Bom Sabado’ Worm, Stay Away For Now

Orkut “Bom Sabado” virus or worm is the latest XSS attack on the site. The hacked Orkut profiles post spam scraps to the other friends in the list. Avoid using Orkut till the issue is fixed.

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