Google TV Announced, Joined Hands with Sony, Intel and Logitech

The much anticipated Google TV has been announced, while Google joining hands with many other companies to bring out the perfect technology to fulfill its Internet TV ambitions. Read more about Google TV here.

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Google Now Shows Short Answers To Your Questions

This is is the simple way to find answers to your questions in Google.Just search the question in Google and the first result that you get would be the short answer for your query.This may not work for all search queries but it is indeed a time-saving feature.

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Disable Facebook Notification Emails

Disable, stop or avoid getting Facebook notification emails for friend requests, wall posts, pokes, friend suggestion requests etc.

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Convert YouTube Videos To Animated GIFs

Convert any YouTube video into animated GIF image online using for free without downloading the video or using desktop software like Adobe Photoshop.

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Check & Compare Your Video Streaming Speeds At YouTube Video Speed History

YouTube video Speed History page shows you the data of your video streaming or downloading speed history over a period of time in the form pf charts comparing to your neighbours.

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How To Report About Third-Party Adsense Ads Distributing Malware

There have been many reports of some site Adsense publishers being reported by their readers about some virus spreading through a particular Google Adsense third-party ad network (Google-certified).How to tackle them?

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Embed A Tweet In Your Blog Post

This tutorial guides you through the latest Twitter feature Blackbird Pie, through which you can embed tweets as static HTML code in your web site or blog posts or any web page.

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In Pictures: Google’s New Design

Google’s changes in new design and comparison with the old version with illustrative pictures.New Google logo is much lighter and the search result page has been made more visual than textual.

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Wake Up, Google !

Know why I feel Google should be serious about the unethical misuse of their Google Adwords and Adsense services.

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Create A Facebook Page For Your Website [How To]

A complete tutorial on how to create a Facebook fan page for your website or blog in 10 simple steps to get more traffic from the social networking giant Facebook.

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