[Tip] Change Default Action For The Power Button In Windows 7

Change the default action for the power button present in the Start Menu in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. By Default, it is set as “Shut down” in Windows 7.

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[How To] Rebuild Icon Cache To Fix Broken Icons

Learn how to fix missing or broken icons of programs (icons that are incorrectly displayed) in Windows 7 and Vista. The broken icons can be repaired by rebuilding the icon cache.

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[Download] KB2300535 Windows 7 Update

Download KB2300535 windows update to fix the issues with Windows Ribbon in programs like Windows Live Movie Maker or other apps that are running on 64-bit systems or 32-bit systems with the /3GB switch enabled.

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[Download] Windows 7 Update KB979538

Download Windows update KB979538 from the direct download link to fix the unexpected shutdowns and bluescreen issues with certain USB Video devices in Windows 7 based systems.

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[How To] Disable Access To Control Panel In Windows 7

Control users using your computer by disabling the control panel from Windows 7 or Windows Vista based computer. This is a complete guide to disable or enable Control Panel, tested on all versions of Windows 7.

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[Tip] Remove Username From Windows 7 Start Menu

Know how to remove your username (user account name) from the Start Menu in Windows 7 and Windows Vista in easy and straightforward steps.

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[Tip] Disable “This device can perform faster” Message In Windows 7

Learn how to disable “This device can perform faster” balloon message when you connect a USB drive in Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP

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[How To] Fix Missing “Show Hidden Files And Folders” Option In Windows 7

Fix the missing “Show hidden files, folder and drives”” option in folder options in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, if they are changed from their default value by any malware or virus.

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[Download] Windows 7 Hotfix Update KB2028560

Download KB2028560 hotfix update for Windows 7 to improve graphics performance (DirectX 11) in games and also to support features in Internet Explorer 9 preview build version.

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[How To] Change Network Cards(Wired/Wireless) Priority Order In Windows

How to view and change the default network adapter priority order (wired and wireless cards) or network binding order in Windows 7/Vista. Give a custom priority to wired/wireless network card to let Windows choose the right connection for you.

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