Extension Focus: Google Buzz Updates in Google Chrome

February 12th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Internet by bharath

Google Buzz was launched a couple of days ago, and many Gmail users all over the world are still in the process of exploring the various features of it.

And the app developers are busy developing Buzz-based applications just like we are flooded with lots of Twitter apps ever since its launch.

If you have become a fan of Google Buzz and want to have easy access to it, well here’s some good news for you.If you are using Google Chrome, you can make use of the extension called “Chrome Buzz” from the Google chrome extension gallery.

When you install this, you can see all your buzz notifications right from an icon that’ll be placed next to the address bar in Google Chrome.Well, you can just read the buzz updates, but there’s no way you can comment on the updates, make a note.

Google buzz updates in chrome

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