Dell Mini 5 Tablet – The New Android Smart Phone

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Dell is one of the leading computer manufacturers. It is planning to release its new tablet Dell Mini 5. The prototype of the tablet looks stylish, slim and is expected to be released later this year.

Dell Mini 5 is powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon ARM microprocessor.The display is a full touchscreen which is 5 inches. It is equipped with two 5 megapixel dual-flash cameras.  It  supports 3G, Wifi, EDGE. This is a hybrid of tablet PC and a Smart phone. Some of the Known Main features are given below.

Dell Mini 5 Android Tablet


Feature Description
Processor 1Ghz Snapdragon ARM processor
Operating System Software Android 1.6 Donut
RAM Memory 256 MB RAM, Extensible with micro SD Cards
Display 5 inches (13 cm), 480×854 Screen resolution
Touch Screen Multi touch, touch buttons, pressure sensitive and extremely sensitive touch.
Camera Two 5 megapixel dual-flash cameras
Network 3G, GSM, HSPA on WCDMA with EDGE
Connectivity WiFi ,Bluetooth

Dell Mini_5 Tablet and iPhone Compare the size with iPhone

Dell Mini 5 Android Tablet Hands On

This is just the preview. A lot of features are hidden and we will come to know soon. This Hybrid concepts of Dell mini 5 will be released later this year and it is expected to cost at least $1000 (US Dollars) or Rs 46,000 (INR)

Update: Read about the leaked Dell Lightning

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