[How To] Disable Aero Snap In Windows 7

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Aero Snap” is a new feature introduced in Windows 7 as part of the windows management. In short what it does is when you drag a window to the top or towards the side of the screen, it gets maximized (when dragged to top) or resized (when dragged to side) automatically to fit that portion of the screen.

Aero Snap

The minor problem here is when you want to hide the window by dragging it to the side of the screen, it gets resized instead. Also this is also a worthless feature of you use multiple monitors. Whatever may be the reason, just in case if you want to disable this feature, read the following guide:

1. Type “ease of access” in the Start Menu search and open the result from the Programs section.ease of access start menu search

You may also open the Ease Of Access Center from the Control Panel menu.

2. In the Ease Of Access Center, scroll down and click “Make the mouse easier to use

Ease of Access Center

3. A new window (Control Panel \ Ease of Access \ Ease of Access Center \ Make the mouse easier to use) will open up.

Scroll down to the bottom of the window, where you will see “Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen”. Check against it and click OK to apply the settings and close the window.

Make mouse easier to use settings

That’s it. You have just turned off the Aero Snap on your Windows 7. To enable the Aero Snap feature back on your computer, just uncheck the option in the step 3.

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