[Download] LaCie USB 3.0 Driver For Mac

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LaCie has released first ever USB 3.0 driver for Apple Mac , though which the Mac users can make use of the LaCie’s USB 3.0 hard drives and enjoy much better the data transfer rates. In fact, the USB 3.0 specification (known as SuperSpeed), is touted to be at least 10 times faster than the current USB 2.0 standard, offering data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps. Though the theoretical throughput of the USB 3.0 is 5 Gbps, that is hardly achievable and it is considered reasonable to achieve 3.2 Gbps speeds under normal circumstances.

Comparison Chart:

USB storage speeds comparison

LaCie, promises speeds up to 130MB/s for single hard drives and speeds up to 220 MB/s for dual hard drives. To add the USB 3.0 support to your Mac, you first need to download the LaCie USB 3.0 driver and you are supposed to buy LaCie’s PCIe or ExpressCard expansion cards (PCIe – $49.99 & ExpressCard – $59.99). For more information on the type of USB 3.0 cards your should use for your Mac, read LaCie support page.

Download LaCie USB 3.0 Driver for Mac

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