Find Out Number Of Email Subscribers To Your Site Feeds In FeedBurner

January 22nd, 2010 | 8 Comments | Posted in Internet by bharath

FeedBurner is the service I use for serving RSS feeds of my blog to our readers as most of the others, FeedBurner being the most popular feed service in town.One feature that I most like in FeedBurner is its ability to offer RSS feeds via Email to those who have subscribed to the site RSS feeds by entering their email address.

FeedBurner keeps sending  your newest posts as emails to the subscribers using your email address as “from” address whenever you add new content to your site.

But how to keep track of the number of users who have subscribed via email to your feeds?

Well, the number that FeedBurner shows in “Subscribers’ list isn’t actually the total no of email subscribers, keep in mind that it also includes those who have subscribed using other RSS readers and news aggregators.

I just dug into this to know how to find the real number of email subscribers of my blog feeds.

Thankfully FeedBurner does show this number but this may not appear to common FeedBurner users like me at first sight.Ok, let me show you where in the world you find this number.


publicize in FeedBurner

  • Click ‘”Email Subscriptions” link under “Services’ menu

Email Subscriptions in Feedburner services

  • Find “Subscription Management” link under this menu

subscription management in FeedBurner

  • Under Subscriber Management section, you can see the “Total Subscribers”.Now this is the number we wanted, this is the actual number of email subscribers of your feeds.

Finding total number of email subscribers

You can also search your subscribers list or you may export your subscribers list as CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file.

export email subscribers list as csv file

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8 Responses to “Find Out Number Of Email Subscribers To Your Site Feeds In FeedBurner”

  1. Jun Says:

    Thanks, really help me.

  2. Mike Says:

    I just added Feedburner to my blog.  I wanted to be able to capture a reader base that can get updates by email.  I couldn’t figure out where the number of people who are email subscribers was, so this post was very helpful.  I just wish they would make a chicklet, like the RSS Feed subscriber list has.  I’d like to post the number of readers on my side nav.

    I think Feedblitz has one, but I don’t want to have to redo this who process of putting a new email subscriber widget into the side bar.

  3. Gunjan Says:

    Thanks ton, it helped a lot in understanding FeedBurner. 🙂

  4. Adrienne Says:

    Hello.  I am wondering if you could help me.  I have a very new blog and really haven’t launched it yet, but I can’t figure out some problems w/ Feedburner.
    I know that I have about 3 people subscribed to my site via email (self, husband and a friend or two) but feedburner shows no subscribers.  I think that I added feedsmith successfully yesterday and thought that was the issue, but today it still shows no subscribers.

    Also if I check feedburner / ‘publicize’, then ‘Email Subscriptions’, then ‘Subscription Management’.it shows no subscibers and though I selected the option to be notified when someone cancels his subscription, I cancelled mine the other day and got no notification.  Granted, I signed up right again to see if the subscription count was working but I assume that I should have gotten a notification.

    Do you have any ideas what might be happening?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. bharath Says:


    I assumed as the site you are talking about and I have conducted a small experiment to find out the issue. I burned new feed in my Feedburner a/c for using your site’s RSS feed. And then I subscribed to the feed by email and activated it. When I looked into the “Email Subscriptions” under the “Publicize” tab, it was there, count was shown as “1”, rightly. I suggest you to delete your old feed and burn a new one instead.


    Here’s the screenshot of my exp. for your reference:

  6. Anthony Says:

    I found this post via Google as I was a little confused where to look. Cheers mate! Much appreciated 🙂

  7. beth Says:

    i have had my blog for over two years with the feedburner subscription option in the sidebar. recently i switched to the new google feedburner. all of my previous email subscribers are still getting their emails but they are not listed on the page you mentioned. i unsubscribed and resubscribed and now my email is listed. is there a way to pull the emails from the original subscriptions with old feedburner into the new google feedburner layout?


  1. tomcat server  

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