Exporting Gmail contacts to another Gmail account

March 29th, 2009 | 10 Comments | Posted in Solutions by bharath

How to export contacts from one Gmail account to another?

Gmail has made it very easy for users to transfer or export contacts from one Gmail account to another Gmail account.Just follow the following steps to export your contact list from one Gmail account to another Google account or to just save them as Outlook’s CSV format (for importing into Outlook or other applications) or vCard format (for importing into Address Book or other applications).

1.Log in to your Gmail account,from where you want to transfer contacts.

2.Click on the ‘Contacts’ link in the left hand side.

3.Now find the links ‘Import Export Print’ at the right hand side of your browser

Exporting Gmail contacts to another Gmail account

4.Click on the ‘Export’ link

Choose the contacts you want to choose (You may choose all contacts or contacts by group).Choose the following option under the export file format.

Exporting Gmail contacts to another Gmail account as CSV

Google’s CSV format (for importing into another Google account).

5.Download window will pop up download the CSV file and then open your new Gmail account to which you want to transfer the contacts and use ‘import’ option and upload your contacts CSV list.

That’s it check your cotacts in your new Gmail account.Isn’t it simple??

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10 Responses to “Exporting Gmail contacts to another Gmail account”

  1. Che Guevara Says:

    Gmail contacts export does not work at this time (6/6/09), and has not worked for a year or two. It’s a worthless, dead addition to an otherwise acceptable email process.

  2. JW Says:

    the process works perfectly if you send email addresses to windows live.But to remove then,from windows Live, or try and do the email addresses, to another email address it can be tricky,it worked 100% to export to windows live?

  3. JW Says:

    We have had months of problems ,conflicts and update issues with Microsoft service department workers and Managers.So since Windows Live and windows Defender are 100% Microsoft properties and control.Microsoft can set any control,over everything they own at any time,a service worker or manager,decides they need control.
    They can use their electric equipment,to access your equipment or private properties,and take full control,of all functions,to prevent your access or useages of your windows versions regardless the ownership.Be it personal-privatre or factory installed.But the trick is they all claim they cant fix their invasive tactics.We did the research after they took control these recent 5 + months,and guess what they cant fix their intrusive tactics?.
    We declaired,their tactics,are illegally administered,that their actions,are equil only to,burglary by fales pretence,that they did so to defraud us of opur properties by illegal intery in to our home and equipment as a federal felony.We ask severial workers and Managers to fix-replace our windows series and assist us in the install of the DVD and they all refused then blocked our email access.We as customere need these illegal acts and actors brought to justice.Their actions not only defrauded us, but the costs,OUT OF OUR POCKETS, were in excess of $1,500.00.

  4. user Says:

    The instructions worked well for me on 8.3.2010.  It was not an exact transfer, and I had to recreate groups, but that’s much better then entering in each contact!
    Thank you bharath!

  5. Shane Says:

    Great Tutorial, Thanks!

  6. Stu Says:

    Still did not work, followed instructions exactly.  really stupid how gmail manages contacts.  I would go back to Outlook but that has drawbacks too.

  7. Jitendra Says:

    I am not getting any types of Import | Export | Print button in my gmail comtact page.
    please tell me another way to export gmail cotacts

  8. DarkDragon Says:

    goto http://www.google.com/contacts  This has the import/export commands 🙂 as ok 02 July 2011

  9. meryam Says:

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  10. Helen Says:

    I did this several times but it wont work! Tells me it does not recognise format!!

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