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There seems to be URL shortening competition going around the web off late.Every one is going crazy about shortening those looooong URLs, thanks to twitter.

Now it’s Google turn, Google has launched 2 such URL shortening services. : service has been launched for Google Toolbar and FeedBurner.Just install latest Google Toolbar for Internet explorer to be able to use this.

Google toolbar with Share option

Share links in Google toolbar

As shown in the above screenshot, the shortened link can be shared with your friends in various social networking services.

Creating links Using Firefox

But as of now there’s no such option in Firefox version of the Google Toolbar.But still, there is a Firefox extension which will do the same for you without installing the toolbar. Bookmarklet:

(Thanks to Matt for this Bookmarklet) This  < bookmarklet link with prompt for copying

Just drag it to the your bookmarks in case of Firefox, Safari, Opera(?) or just add it to Favourites in case of Internet Explorer. Bookmarklet URL Shortener

Video:Google Toolbar with Share :

If isn’t enough for you, there’s a new dedicated URL shortening service which shortens the YouTube URLs whenever you favourite a video using your YouTube account.

Using Manually:

Replace the "" with ""

Or just copy the video-id (the string after ‘?v=’ in the YouTube URL) of the video(cebbvcMW5Uo in this case) and paste it after ‘’ part.


Facebook too is getting into URL Shortening service with ‘’

Happy URL shortening folks…

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