Google PageRank Update May 2009: Techrena now has PR 2

May 31st, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Internet by bharath

It’s been rather quiet journey here for us since we started this blog 2 months ago, and here comes our first milestone (really??), a Google PageRank 2 !! something that we can cheer about.

Yes, in the recent Google PageRank update which was underway in the last week of May 2009, Techrena Hompage was gifted with a PageRank of 2 by Google and our old blog still stays at PR 1. PageRank is just a way that Google measures the importance of any site, it doesn’t however effect Search Engine Ranking Positions(SERPs).

Techrena PR2 update may 2009

And how did we manage to get it? Well, we haven’t really participated in any link exchanges (which always never in our minds), but then we have been getting lot of good back links for our quality, content rich blog posts, that helped a lot to achieve this PR 2, now that we have reached this, it’s now all goes in how well we live up to it and reach probably even better PR.

Way to Go, Techrena !!

Expect more from us.

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