Google Transliteration IME In 14 Languages (Exclusively For Indian Languages)

January 29th, 2010 | 16 Comments | Posted in Internet by bharath

Now you can easily type text in your own language in a more simpler fashion using Google Transliteration IME (IME- Input Method Editor).Google has officially launched the Google Transliteration IME in fourteen (14) languages, most of which are Indian languages.

[See the complete list of supported/available languages at the bottom of this post]

From now on, you don’t need softwares like Baraha, Lekhini or Aksharamala to type in your language.

With Google Transliteration IME, the user needs to download a very small piece of software for any if the 14 available languages and this opens up a the language tool bar for the desired language.Great thing about this is that you just need to type letters in English and it’ll automatically translates (or suggests translation) into your preferred language.

You can select the input language from the language tool bar as shown in the screenshot below:

Selecting Telugu from Language Toolbar

Now open any application (ex. notepad) and type in English and you can see the word being translated to your selected language or showing list of possible words with your input.

[Here I have used Telugu as the input language, by downloading Google Transliteration IME for Telugu]

Google Transliteration IME Telugu input Techrena

The same procedure can be followed  for other languages too.

IME edit in Hindi screenshot

[Sorry folks, I know only Hindi and Telugu other than English 🙁 ]

Download Google IME (For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 , 32-bit only)

Supported Languages:



Farsi (Persian),












You can also use bookmarklet to directly type in your language in your web browser, which I’ll cover in a later post.For now, you can read about Transliteration feature in Gmail.

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16 Responses to “Google Transliteration IME In 14 Languages (Exclusively For Indian Languages)”

  1. Ravi Kumar Says:

    It is very simple to use and very much usefull.

  2. bharath Says:

    @Ravi Kumar,
    I agree with you, but many people are not aware of this tool.We should spread awareness among PC users so that this transliteration tool reaches one and all who want to write in their own Indian language from their computer.

  3. Raj Says:

    Can we download the set file
    I do not have internet connection
    so how can I run this on my PC

  4. bharath Says:


    I’m sorry but Google Transliteration IME can only be installed if you have an active internet connection.However, once installed you can work with it even when you are offline

  5. arun Says:

    i have downloaded google transliterate IME on pc but it is not working;;;
    1st i downloaded for 32bit it doesnt work then i downloaded 64bit then also no use
    is there any problem with the software,,,

  6. rakesh Says:

    i’m installing google hindi ime but my language bar is not activated.
    what should i do?
    plz tell me.
    once i have used google hindi ime and it was amazing but after few days my language bar dissapeared and i was left with no other option than to re install it.

  7. dr.rakeshkumar singh Says:

    INstallation is easy . Works beautifully.Shut down or restart, it is gone . You have to reinstall again with net on .VERY VERY ANNOYING>

  8. pv Says:

    good software

  9. pv Says:

    good for telugu typing

  10. aiex od Says:

     its very helpful ,and easy to use  thank you verymuch

  11. khan Says:

    hi good software

  12. khan Says:


  13. pavan Says:

    is it supports on multimedia software???? like video editing titling tools

  14. vishnu Says:


  15. vishnu Says:

    hdf hjdb dhfb udsy

  16. vishnu Says:

    it is good

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