How To Verify Blogger blog in Webmaster Tools

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There has been some changes of late, to the verification process in Google Webmaster Tools for hosted blogs. The “Webmaster Tools” auto-verification link from the Blogger dashboard has been removed leaving Blogger blog users to have no other choice but to opt for verification through adding a HTML meta tag.

GWT plus Blogger logo

Webmaster Tools has outlined this process in simple steps.


Sign in to Webmaster Tools

1)Click the “Add a site” button on the homepage of Webmaster Tools

add a site in webmaster tools

2) Just enter you blog’s URL (like for instance) and click “Continue” button.

3)Select the “Meta tag” verification method from the drop-down list

get verification meta tag

Copy the meta tag code that has been generated.It should be something of the form <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”X…….X” />

Now open in a new tab or window and don’t close this Webmaster Tools page.

4) Now Sign into and go to Dashboard and go to Layout section of your blog, under the Layout, select  “Edit HTML”

5) Paste the meta tag verification code it into the <head> section, before the first <body> section

edit template html and paste meta tag verification code

[Image : Google Webmaster Central blog]

6) Click “Save Template “

7) Go back to Webmaster Tools page which you have kept open and click on the “Verify “ button.

You are done and your blog has now been verified in Google Webmaster Tools.

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