Google Webmaster Tools Now Shows Clickthrough Data

April 19th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Internet by bharath

Google Webmaster Tools(GWT) “Top Search Queries” tool has got a complete makeover.The tool now shows complete data of impressions, clickthrough numbers on a daily basis in the form of charts much like the data in Google Analytics.

You can click on any given search query in the Top search queries report to see the number of impressions and the amount of clickthrough the site’s pages have generated for each position in search results (SERPs).

queries_chart-ds query-data-expanded-ds

To find this data for your sites, go to “Your site on the web” tab in Google Webmasters Tool and then click “Top search queries”.

This information is of huge importance to the webmasters as this insightful data is pretty much helpful for webmaster to optimize their title tags and meta descriptions to record higher clickthrough rates and also in other SEO factors.

Via Google Webmaster Central Blog

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  1. Olivia Miller Says:

    i was wondering if there are webmasters who manages several thousand websites at a time.”:~

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