The IE6 Countdown

March 5th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Posted in Internet by bharath

IE6 dead

It’s the father of all the modern day browsers. It’s the one that most of us had used one time or the other. It’s the one that has stood as a synonym to “Internet” in the minds of the internet users. Not a very hard one to guess, Yes, it is the Internet Explorer 6 (or IE6 as they call it).

Even though how good it was in the olden days, we must all agree that the days of IE6 are over. We had earlier covered in a post about a design firm based in Denver conducting funeral for the IE6 by launching a website dedicated for the same. Now Microsoft, the company which developed the IE6 has taken the initiative kill its own product. This could well be the last nail the IE’6’s coffin.

Microsoft has launched a website with the aim of “watching Internet Explorer 6 usage drop to less than 1% worldwide”. The Redmond company has no issues is saying that “It’s time to say goodbye” for what has been a 10-year long journey for IE6. The company also advises users to not to let their friends and acquaintances use Internet Explorer 6.

IE6 countdown

Microsoft has also published a worldwide usage map of Internet Explorer 6 and it is stupefying to know that IE6 still has a total share of 12% around the globe. Even though most of the countries could drop their IE usage to a reasonable level of below 5%, the issue is with the Asian countries. As you can see, China tops the IE6 users with a staggering 34.5% usage followed by South Korea with 24.8%. Finland and Norway are the only countries with less than 1% of IE6 usage.

This is a good initiative from Microsoft and we at, do support the initiative to the fullest. We urge our readers not to use IE6 ever and not to let others use it. Please take your time to explain if you find someone at internet cafes or homes using the age old browser on their PCs. Visit the IE6 countdown site to learn more.

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2 Responses to “The IE6 Countdown”

  1. Yogesh Patel Says:

    The buzz is that Microsoft itself is stopping users to stop using IE 6. I don’t understand the reason behind that.

  2. Akos Says:

    “The buzz is that Microsoft itself is stopping users to stop using IE 6. I don’t understand the reason behind that.”
    The reason for this is because the IE6 is full of unfix bugs and mistakes.

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