Pinging Your WordPress Blog To Google Blog Search

April 20th, 2010 | 6 Comments | Posted in Internet by bharath

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Is new your new WordPress not appearing in Google blog search results? Learn how to include your WordPress blog in Google blog search results.

Google Blog Search Ping Service – The manual way

If your blog is relatively new and if it hasn’t been included in Google Blog search yet, then you can notify Google blog search about your blog and get it included in the same by visiting this Google blog search ping service page.You can either enter your blog URL or enter your blog’s feed URL.

Google Blog Search Ping Service

You can also use this Google’s blog ping service to ping your latest posts manually.

Using WordPress Update Services – Automatic:

If are usingWordPress platform for your blog, you need not worry bout pinging Google blog search each and every time when you publish a new post to your blog.WordPress has a default “Update Services” where you can add various update services which you want WordPress to ping automatically after each post.You can find Update Services under “Settings> Writing” in your admin dashboard.

You can either choose pinging which updates multiple services (including Google blog search ping service) and search engines about your blog updates or you can manually add the following Google blog search ping server (which supports XML format) into the WordPress update services:

wordpress update services

You may also read more about Google crawling & indexing, also about protecting your WordPress internal files

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6 Responses to “Pinging Your WordPress Blog To Google Blog Search”

  1. Yogesh Says:

    So how does it affect the overall indexing in Google?

  2. dennis Says:

    If you submit blog posts to Google by pinging, Google uses it to crawl the content, and identify new URLs and finds out the quality content to get them indexed in Google. It is not guaranteed that your posts will be indexed but if it passes the Google Canonicalization process it will definitely be indexed. For more details you can read:

  3. javed Says:

    really helpful article, thanks for sharing

  4. melinda Says:

    thnaks you admin

  5. Donald Says:

    If the ping is disabled on your dedicated server by web host, the internal pinging system of wordpress can still work ?

  6. alloy wheel repairs Bedford Says:

    hello i like your blog

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