[How To] Edit “Send To” Menu In Windows 7

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Do you frequently move files to a particular folder or location on your computer? Wish you could have an easy way to quickly transfer a file to that location? Yes, Windows does have a solution for you, in the form of “Send to” menu list found in the right-click context menu of any folder.

Send To items in windows 7 explorer

This tutorial explains about how you can add or delete items from the “Send to” menu list in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


1. Navigate to the following folder in Windows:

Windows XP users:

C:\Documents and Settings\(User-name)\SendTo

Windows Vista & Windows 7 users:


Where “User-name” stands for the Windows username with which you are logged in.

2. You will find all the shortcuts that are included in the “Send to” list in this folder. Add whatever shortcut t(program or folder) hat you would like to have it in the “Send to” in the right-click context menu or delete the item which you don’t want to see in the “Send to” menu option.

SendTo folder in windows 7

3. For instance, I have added a nee shortcut for “Techrena’ folder inside the “Send to” list as shown:

SendTo folder edit

and it’ll appear in the “Send to” list in the right-click context menu as shown:

Added item in Send to list

Isn’t that simple? Now go and play around with the Send to items in your Windows (XP/ Vista/ Windows 7).

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