Disable Ads in FeedDemon Reader In Easy Steps

October 15th, 2009 | 6 Comments | Posted in Software by bharath

FeedDemon the most popular desktop RSS reader has many good features to boast of but from the time since it became Ad-Supported (from the version 2.8) free RSS reader, ads have started rolling on the left corner of the client .The user has to purchase a serial to completely remove those ads which are annoying at times.

FeedDemon Deck Ad Before Blocking

If you are looking for a way to at least stop those ads too keep rolling in your FeedDemon, here’s a workaround:

FeedDemon uses Deck Network Ads which runs through the server northmay.com, so all we need to do is to deny access to northmay.com from your computer.This can be done in many ways, though the much simpler trick would be to add the following URLs in the ‘Restricted Sites’ option in Internet Options that are present under settings in Internet explorer

(This works since FeedDemon uses IE to connect to the internet)



The result would like this:

FeedDemon Deck Ad After Blocking

Let me know if anyone is facing problems with this or also do post a comment here, if anyone has a far better idea than this, your suggestions are welcome.

Alternative: As mentioned earlier. FeedDemon has come up with these ads only from Version 2.8, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get FeedDemon stable version 2.7.

Final Word:As,  Nick Bradbury of FeedDemon says this software needs support from people and Techrena urges all FeedDemon lovers to do the same and without that support we may not see our favorite reader anymore..

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6 Responses to “Disable Ads in FeedDemon Reader In Easy Steps”

  1. Nick Bradbury Says:

    So, let me see if I have this straight: you run a web site that displays Google ads in a manner that’s far more annoying than FeedDemon’s ads, yet you still feel justified in trying to help people disable ads in FeedDemon?
    I sincerely hope that customers who enjoy FeedDemon won’t resort to disabling the ads, because if my source of income dries up, then FeedDemon will go away.  It’s as simple as that.

  2. bharath Says:

    @Nick Bradbury

    I Agree with you in the sense that FeedDemon is really a wonderful software and surely that deserves ads to be displayed, but then users have the final choice to go with them or not, this is just for such people, the people who wants to support will still keep supporting it (and I want them to)..and regarding ads in this page, of course people are free to block with many tricks available… It’s just that I didn’t like those ads hence wanted to find a way to get rid of them….

    And finally we the lovers of FeedDemon appreciate you for producing such a great software

  3. Harminder Pal Says:

    What if  we face problems with other content after blocking northmay.com,,,OR  is this site exclusively for feeddemon ads??

  4. aaa Says:


  5. Promise Says:

    Wow good going guys way to stick it to a guy trying to make some money on the side.  The ads aren’t even that big!

  6. Leon Says:

    Nick my problem isn’t your tiny ad in the software but the feeds’s ads are killing me. Most of the sites, their ads are block by firefox’s Adblock Plus when I visit them but now using feeddemon those ads are running unchecked! Causing huge problems. You should consider making a feeddemon that block ads from feeds!

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