How To Report About Third-Party Adsense Ads Distributing Malware

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Earlier this year, Google has made Google-Certified ad networks available to all publisher by default.It is intended to benefit the users who can now attract additional advertisers from third party ad networks to their site through Adsense.This was really an impressive move by Google to benefit its Adsense publishers.

But off late, we have been hearing various complaints about the ads from these third party networks circulating malicious code through Adsense.

For example, quite a number of Adsense publishers with a good anti-virus program installed on their system have figured out that the following virus alerts protruding from their program whenever they open the page containing that particular ad: contains a trojan

Are you one of those publishers experiencing the problem? have no clue about how this is happening ?

Google-certified ad networks who want to place ads in Adsense publisher sites must adhere to all AdWords policies in general.But in this case, the particular ad network which was already certified by Google, started spreading malware later on and as a result some Adsense publishers who were displaying ads from these third party ad networks have been recieving the reports of attacks on their website readers computers through Adsense code.Google however has revoked that particular network’s certification.

We recently learned of a malware-infected creative that came from Aggregate Knowledge, a third-party ad network that was certified by Google at the time. As a result, we revoked that network’s certification, and their ads are no longer eligible to appear on any AdSense publisher sites.

How To Report If You Face Similar Problem?

You need to report through AdWords ads feedback to report about  ill behaviour of a particular ad network from this page.

You need to note the URL of the webpage that this particular ad takes you to when clicked (Warning: Don’t never click on your own ads, instead ask your readers who had faced the problem to pass on the URL to where they were being taken by the ad).Also you need a screenshot of the ad to submit to the AdWords team for analysis.

The report from would look like this one:

AdWords feedback report

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