[Tip] Sort A List Alphabetically In MS Office Word 2007 & 2010

December 30th, 2010 | 3 Comments | Posted in How To by bharath

Microsoft Office 2010

Recently I was working on a big list of words that are to be sorted alphabetically for easy use. I was checking various online sources . Yes, there are online tools available to just to that. But if you have Microsoft Office Installed on your Windows, it’d be a better way to accomplish this task. Microsoft Word can sort data according to various criterion and here we’ll just try to know how to sort the data alphabetically. Advanced users of Microsoft Office should well be aware of this but if you are a starter probably you should read the following guide to learn how you can do it in Microsoft Word 2010 or MS Word 2007.

1. Open the Microsoft Word application.

2. Paste the list that you want to sort in the new document.

List in Microsoft Word 2010

3. Select all the words using CTRL + A

Select the whole list in Office 2010

4. Now find a small sort icon Sort icon in Word 2010in the Paragraph group under the “Home” tab. Click on the icon.

Sort list in MS Office Word 2010

5. A new dialog box will appear inside the Word application window. Choose “Text” option from the dropdown list under the Type and choose “Ascending” radio button. Click OK.

Sort Text Dialog box in Word 2010

That is it. Your list is now sorted alphabetically as you can in the screenshot below:

Sorted list in Word 2010

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  1. Georgia Formatierung Says:

    Hi. Really cool How-to for Word! Thanx for this advise!

  2. king Says:

    Great Post
    Very Great Information.
    Can you tell me more about the word macros???


  3. Imtiaz Says:

    That’s really cool! Thanks a lot. 🙂

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