[Download] Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Beta

Download the Adobe Flash Player 10.3 beta with new improvements like native control panel, integration of local storage settings inside browser privacy control, Acoustic Echo Cancellation etc.

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Why Do Adobe Reader Need So Many Updates? – An Open Question To Adobe

Here I am posing an open question on the reasons behind their frequent updates of Adobe Reader. Well the end users need to know the reason behind why so many, as we are spending our time and resources on these processes.

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[Download] Adobe Flash Player 10.2 With Hardware Acceleration

Download Adobe Flash Player 10.2 with new Stage Video hardware acceleration, full-screen mode support with multiple monitors and more feature enhancements. The new version would enhance the video watching experience on YouTube and other sites by reducing the CPU resource hog.

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[Download] Adobe Reader X Offline Installer

Download free Adobe Reader X (version 10) standalone offline installer for Windows, Mac , Linux and Android OS. Adobe Reader X packs plenty of new features like sticky notes, highlighter tools etc.

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