[How To] Create And Enable Mobile Version Of A Blogger Blog

A tutorial on how to setup and active a mobile friendly version of your Blogger blogspot blog directly without any hacks or tweaks.

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[How To] Change The Favicon In Blogger

Learn how to add or change the favicon in a Blogger (Blogspot.com) hosted blog with easy steps. Change the default favicon to show a custom favicon in your blogger blog by following the detailed steps along with images posted in this guide.

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[How To] Set up Custom Domain Name For Your Blogger Blog

A complete tutorial on how to set up and use a custom domain name on your Blogger (blogspot.com) blog in easy steps.

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New Feature: Blogger Stats Comes To Blogger In Draft

Blogger has launched a new beta test feature “Blogger Stats” in Blogger in Draft. This offers real-time visitors analytics to your blogspot blog without needing to go to Google Analytics. You can see basic information like popular posts, number of pageviews, page referrers etc.

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Create A Facebook Page For Your Website [How To]

A complete tutorial on how to create a Facebook fan page for your website or blog in 10 simple steps to get more traffic from the social networking giant Facebook.

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UniverCell Hyderabad IndiBlogger Meet 2010 – A Beautiful Experience

We had a nice experience in the Hyderabad IndiBlogger Meet 2010. I thank the IndiBlogger team and UniverCell for bringing up the event. Here I am writing about my experience in the Meet.

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Blogger ‘Blog Pages’ Allows You To Create Pages In Blogger

Blogger now allows you to create stand-alone ‘Static’ pages in blogs.This tutorial guides you how to create a static page in Blogger.com blog and align them using ‘Blog Pages’.Adding a page is just the same way adding a new post.

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Blogger Update: New and Improved ‘Next Blog’ Link

Now Clicking on the ‘Next Blog’ link present in the blogger NavBar will take you to a more similar blog written in the same languages as yours.This is small update in Blogger which would be rolled out completely in the following week.

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Blogger Service Interruptions Update on Blogger Status Blog

Blogger Status Blog will now be updated with the postmortem reports and various other notifications in case of any outage in the services of the Blogger.Recent service interruptions in Europe users is the first such issue to get postmortem report on Blogger status.

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How To Verify Blogger blog in Webmaster Tools

This is an outline of the process of verifying a Blogger blog in Google Webmaster tools using Meta tag verification method.As Blogger blog users can’t make use of the second method of verification i.e uploading a HTML file, using Meta tag is the only way of verifying the ownership of your blog. Image has been added to make it more easier for you.

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